Life Insurance

A lot of people think life insurance is paid for only with money.....
.....but they are wrong!

Life insurance is paid for with denial An old man can tell you that. An old man who eats his two meals a day at what he calls his "favorite" restaurant. It's a cafeteria where food is cheap but not high quality. But he doesn't eat there for the quality, but because it's cheap and because he constantly dreads outliving what little money he has.

He's paying for the life insurance he didn't buy when he was younger and had the money for such things as life insurance premiums.

Life insurance is paid for with pride

A middle-aged widow can tell you that. A middle-aged widow who works in other people's houses, who welcomes their gifts of clothes and food, who pretends she no longer likes the little luxuries she can't afford. Her husband expected to live to be an old, old man.

She is paying for his life insurance.

Life insurance is paid for with dreams

A young man or young woman, burdened down too soon with the responsibility of a home, can tell you about that. A young man or woman who once intended to have no more cares than are found in a college classroom or a campus dormitory now faced with the problems of supporting a mother and younger brothers and sisters on a salary that will stretch only so far.

It's life insurance that young person is buying when he pays the rent and buys groceries. And his dreams are sacrificed to make the purchase.

Life insurance is paid for with anguish

A young mother can tell you - a young mother with a job she doesn't want but can't risk losing. Her daily prayer is that no tragedy will strike her children while she is away from home and that nothing will happen to her that would keep her from earning the money her family so badly needs.

She is paying for the life insurance her husband meant to buy "some day" - the "some day" that never came.

It is for the living that life insurance is bought. A man doesn't buy life insurance because he is going to die .He buys it for his widow, for his children, for himself as an old man past the age of earning money. Whether he buys it, or whether he doesn't, someone pays for his life insurance.